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Wednesday, 20 Sep 2017


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1 Top Executive Recruiters Agree There Are Only Three True Job Interview Questions
2 8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees
3 Public Health News
4 Repairing the Social Safety Net
5 2012 Senior Guide O.C.
6 First Senior Care Humanitarian Awards
7 Senior Moments: When later is even better
8 Gerontology Academic Program
9 Medi-Cal expert uses know-how for others
10 UC Berkeley Engaging Aging Newsletter
11 Senior Moments: When later is even better
12 Prince Philip marks 90th birthday with new title
13 The End of Life Paradox
14 Clinicians' Attention Lacking in Discussions of End-of-Life Care
15 Computer Program Aids Patients in End-of-Life Planning
16 Figuring the Odds
17 Loneliness
18 Improving Advanced Illness Care: The Evolution of State POLST Programs
19 Financial Realities Faced by Seniors and Their Caregivers Today
20 ‘Ask Medicare’ 2.0:
21 Moving Murray
22 Women’s Retirement Risks, Urban Institute
23 Workers to Be Asked to Save for Cost of Care in Old Age
24 Racial Disparities Still Exist in Colorectal Cancer Screening Despite Increased Medicare Coverage
25 Population Aging: Facts, Challenges, and Responses
26 Another Month, Another Home
27 Multigenerational Households Are Increasing
28 5 Financial Records You Can Trash Now
29 Fed's Low Interest Rates Crack Retirees' Nest Eggs
30 The Lowdown on “Low T,” UCB Wellness Letter, Featured Article
31 Reimagining Alzheimer’s Disease– Time for Bright New Ideas?
32 Columbia Researchers Work to Prevent Blindness from Age-Related Macular Degeneration
33 Rise of for Profit Hospice Industry Raises Troubling Questions, New Study Says
34 Social Security and Black Women
35 Aspirations for Later Life
36 Driving Skills Do Ebb With Age: Study
37 Nursing Homes Seek Exemptions from Health Law
38 In An Aging Nation, Making Stores Senior-Friendly
39 Our Irrational Fear of Forgetting
40 Get Ready for Social Security, Medicare Meltdowns
41 Democrats Put G.O.P. on Spot as Medicare Plan Fails
42 Haunted by Their Medicare Vote
43 Medicare Atypical Antipsychotic Drug Claims for Elderly Nursing Home Residents
44 Caring for an Ill Spouse, and for Other Caregivers
45 T'ai Chi Helps Prevent Falls and Improve Mental Health in the Elderly
46 As time goes by, it gets tougher to 'just remember this (Eurekalert [American Association for the Advancement of Science]
47 NETHERLANDS NEWS: FNV (Federation Dutch Labor Movement) trade union group meets again to solve pension row
48 IRELAND NEWS: Taoiseach (Prime Minister) confirms wealthy to escape pension levy
49 COLOMBIA NEWS: 88% of workers have social security, 30% have pension plans
50 CANADA NEWS: Lack of pensions a growing worry
51 CANADA NEWS: When the exit door awaits: Mandatory retirement at 65 is abolished in most places, but many workers find they are being ushered out in other ways
52 PENNSYLVANIA NEWS: Taxes set for pension fund may avert takeover
53 OKLAHOMA NEWS: Finally, state pension reform gets moving
54 OHIO NEWS: Pensions may cost state workers 2%
55 NEW YORK NEWS: As baby boomers age, so does New York
56 MICHIGAN NEWS: Will jobs follow shift in Michigan's tax burden?
57 Illinois pension debate involves cash, confusion
58 FLORIDA NEWS: "City pension plans next target for GOP (Grand Old Party--Republican Party) and biz (business) coalition
59 CALIFORNIA NEWS: Court: CA county must turn over data on pensions
60 CALIFORNIA NEWS: 91-year-old stands by "exit kits" despite suicide furor
61 CALIFORNIA NEWS: University System Perk Becomes Pension Liability
62 Social Security reform: What would FDR (former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt) do?
63 Baby boomers eye adventure, bucket list
64 U.S. Medicaid cuts seen hurting elderly, disabled
65 How Raising The Retirement Age Screws the Poor
66 Disney (Walt Disney Corporation) drops pensions for salaried new hires
67 Seniors, Guns and Money
68 Medicare to exhaust funds sooner, report finds