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Public Health News
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Wednesday, 20 Sep 2017

Public Health News

U.S. Diabetes Prevention Program Might Avert 885,000 Cases
USA Today, Serena Gordon, HealthDay, 01/13/2012
A national community-based diabetes prevention program in the United States could prevent or delay 885,000 cases of type 2 diabetes over 25 years, a new federal government study says.

Cruise Lines Tighten Tobacco Rules
Orlando Sun Sentinel, Arlene Satchell, 01/12/2012
Several cruise lines have further limited smoking on ships, leaving a few designated areas as the last refuge to light up at sea.

Healthy Babies Minnesota: A Q&A with State Health Officer Edward Ehlinger
NewPublicHealth.org, 01/12/2012
Healthy Babies Minnesota is an umbrella of activities aimed at using prenatal and first-year initiatives to make Minnesotans healthier throughout their lives. NewPublicHealth spoke with Edward Ehlinger, MD, the state’s commissioner of health, about the program.

U.S. Death Rate from Homicide Drops to a Near 50-Year Low
The Washington Post, David Brown, 01/11/2012
Things weren’t so hot for the American economy and a lot else in 2010, but for the health of the American people, it was a pretty good year. Life expectancy improved, mortality rates fell for all five leading causes of death, and the homicide rate was as low as it has been in almost 50 years, according to data released Wednesday.

House Democrats Call for Tougher Food Safety Audits Following Deadly Listeria Outbreak
The Hill, Julian Pecquet, 01/11/2012
House Democrats are urging federal regulators to craft tough new standards for food safety audits in the wake of the deadliest foodborne illness outbreak in 25 years.

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